Monday, September 24, 2007


These new teleserye at GMA 7 is sucks!Question is why not gets the titles right?It SHAIDER not ZAIDO stupids!
As 80s kids in the 80s I disgusts these show!Why also not one Zaido but three Zaido?What mean that?Power Ranger Zaido?Crazy stupids networks exec exploids otaku 80s kids on profits!

Also Im hated this Zaido premiss on the grandson of Shaider is Zaido.What mean these?Alexis had sex on Annie?And what do son of Alexis locate at?This not goods even now where gossips of Annie becomed sex actor at the net spreads but im thinks that only lookalikes IMO.

If GMA 7 desperate at Shaider remakes Im protest Dennis Trillo coz his not good Shaider!Im recomends these hansome dude.

That right.I prince arthur better shaider actor.Im got looks and skill need at these dynamic show.So get right GMA 7!I better Zaido!

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