Thursday, December 9, 2010

Loves a music

Do you heared a music of the radios?
Im thinked its songs of eminems and go is like these

And your is stand there watching birds
is all right and now
and lights a xmas lights...

I loved to waits July...

Is music the awsome songs and maked me cries tears coz is hitted a heart!
These is a art musics!

Is also maked me questoins a musics by wander girls!
Im bets your familairs to songs call is nobody?
When im listens then im thinked is all right coz the moods in beat maked dance dance nights all days!
Than im listens closed and gasps a horrors!
Wander girls is songs is promotes domestic violens!

Its says the lyrics

Nobody nobody but you
nobody nobody but you
I beated up a mother
Im a strongest for ever
and nobody nobody nobody nobody!

Now why is beats up the mother?These Korea treated the mothers?Is yes than north south korea is same of violens!
Theys sells a songs to others countrys and promoted domestic violens and beated up mothers what happens on worlds now?
Is a shames!A shames!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

They stops me but i not gived up of fights!

To all my fan on the blogs, these is the prince arthur prince of the internets!

A months ago the bad injusticed is hapened in me.Is a works problems of two indiviaul is complaned
of me.The nerves on them!Im posts a rants in blogs and they reads and complains in the ofice.

What hapens?Im reprmands of a boss and cutted the ineternets!Is the bad injusticed to my parts!
This deperss me very much coz whats prince of internets with none of internets?whats you called it?what?

And im fighted all in the rights coz im desevred a internets!and im wins a fights!no ones is loose a prince arthur coz im a awsome liked that!lolololz!!!!

To pb,the princes beuaty im knows your missed a hansome awsome prince of internets but no more crys dears coz im backs
awsome in ever!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A open letters on May and Rafy!

Your a patethics!Your the jealous coz i a sucess and you nots a sucess!

First is your reqeust in transfered coz you is claims that i not good supervisor? you asshole!
i a super supervisor!you saids a bad thing on me in my back?you makes a fools on me in my back?
your patethics!

who is go on leaderships abroads?who is go on hongkong?who is spents one months in trainings?is you?
no!is me!

rafy your stupids!your do nothing and reads a law books!your thinks your be a lawyers?stupids!your not a lawyers!
may your even stupids!all you is stupids stupids person!your not even knows the search a googles!lolz!

and i the bad boss?i not talk condensatedly on you and your says i not the good boss?
and is insult to me my talks?shut ups you twos!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I back on hongkong!!!

Hello to all the fan and readers to these blog!

I just come backed of hongkong coz of a seminars this are prooves in awsome inteligents ability of work!and im said takes that michele and jomar!stupid workmate!lolz!

in hongkong im watches the ironman movies!is a best movies ever!!!!!lolz!
im favorite is ironman on the movie coz we is so much much a likes!
first is we both a hansome guys and playboy type!i thinks im growed a mustach coz
im looks a hansomer guys!lolz!we is both a genuis to!only diferent are i not a rich guys coz thats an unfairnes of life if a hansome awsome guys is a rich guys liked me!
is maked me wanders coz im wanted design the own armor suits and becomes ironprincearthur!lolz!and a lovely asistant name is pb pots!lolz!

tomorow im goes in a mall and buys a ironmans action figures!is a best movie ever!!!!if you not watched it is time to watched it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot sumer!

How youre spends a sumers of hotnes?Im miss a students vacations life coz in works is no vacation.
In sted a written of how im spends a sumer vacatoins im a writes the wrote report of works.

And is hots hot on a outside even in aircons the brokes of office.The oficemates is says a took of 2 hour in the bath coz
the hot on sumer hot the head and body unfare.Im say the cold water battle are putted on the heads of spalsh oh yeah ice ice
cold waters...

But a good news is a somethings hot then a sumer of hotnes.Somethings a burns a hotnes then sumer sun.Gues?
The beach?nope.The fires?nope?

Answers is me!Prince Arthur!Yeah baby im a hotnes of a hot!And so hotnes I coolest!lolz!

Your nots believed to me?Asks pb!His burns a hotnes of me coz I the awsome not liked a loser boyfreind!

Take that sumer Prince Arthur the hoter of hotnes!lolz!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oficemates is a assholes!

Im makes a bloods is boils in angers fury extreme!

After a days in works of a groups is stresedfull.I promotes in heads of group a few month and a subordimates
is a complanes to requested a tarnsfers on other groups!

Why?Im woanders coz Im a awsome boss guy.Who wants do not a awsome boss guy?

Subordimates is claims I not clears in a works and Im gives the hardest times coz their not understanded
a things im says.


Im says is stupids you subordimates!I works hards and awsome mendor!Is not my faults your a stupids persons!

The wolrds is fulled in stupids persons...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Holy Week!

Whats a biter ways in celebrated the deaths of Jesus in going to a vacations of a beach!

After a many many day on busy offices I glad of gone vacations a beach with family relative!
Imagined a days of suns and water builds a sandscastles make out of sands and checks out girls and shows a big musels!

Is a welcome brake of busty life styles coz a relax is relax time of luxurys forever.

Of coarse inspires is minds come the beautys on natures inspirations of arts.I writed a poetry dedicate on a beach.
Im also drawed a art of a woman coz i artists and poetry awsome!

One time I resting the sands beach and thinks a marvelus ideas on vacations.Why celebrates a deaths of Jesus only?Why not cleebrates a deaths of budah than zeus jupiter then other god?If we has a manyer holy week we has a manyer vacation!

some time i amazed to myself coz im thinks a smart ideas...