Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Goes in the beach

wheres you go the long long weekends?im goes in the beach!lolz!

im loves the beach coz im relax in the beach after the day of stresses in works.and of coarse im not wants the stresses coz
im damage the hansome babyface peraps.
in beach im loves the swims and sands and builded castles.im loves sun and the flex of musels and womans in loves impresed on the flex musels.

in the beach im inspire also on arts and poetry yes im writes poetry to!here the sample in writed on last sumer in the beach.im writed these on beauty the sunset.

by prince arthur

small wave hello
sun not color yellow
is orange
is orange
and evenings is go
like waves does rolls
the sand castle and blow
is sunset beautifuls?
in deed its
inspire and sings songs the sea shell
hello hello

when im reads these im touch coz im sensetive guys to and womans love the word of poems.
im excites in going in beach coz who know whats arts i does next time?


pot-pot said...

PA parang kanta lang yun ah!


prince arthur said...

of coarse!truth poetrys rhythem and rhymes like musical souls to artistic persons!lolz

kennyjunkie said...

where do you get your inspirationals?

prince arthur said...

im gets inspire on the life and of coarse pb...

Merumi said...

heh!!....hey pa can u make a....love poetry with a full of suspense^.^

Ka Silyas said...

beri sincere