Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy new year all!

Hows you spend holiday?
Im goes on party to relative among other.The holiday good coz I recieve many gift!
Santa prince arthur the sucess of many gift is gives and the spreads the holidays cheer in other peoples!
Today is early wakes up coz I prepared the work day the other day from now and Im not wants get late.

This pass day are spends to familys the friend and relative.Visits house and home in meets of longest times not see of relative.Than Im eat the manyest on lechon!lolz

Good news are many gift recive and many food of eats like ham keso de bola cakes and ice cream.
bad news are Im gains pound that burn of the exercise!

After holiday eats the holiday workouts!lolz

The new year is brings the new spirits and new positive out look the life!Hopes the new years brings the new
luck and 2008 the more awsome the other year!lolz

Im feeling the 2008 the lucky awsome years on awsome dude like me!happy new year all and keep awsome like me princearthur!lolz

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