Tuesday, February 5, 2008

is a seasons to love

The pormotions is bringed many work of respondsiblities and Im the manages true.
I surprise the calendars said is febuary know.These a favourite months coz is a months in loves
and i the prince of internets the prince of loves coz i awsome guy forever.

Im says charms of a hansome princes like me makes womans blash faints in a ground.
Than im carrys to a arms in a dream of awsome prince me!lolz!

Too celebate seasons to love on febuary im writed traditions poems to loves like shakepeer.These writed of sunet.
sunet are gived a hardtimes coz is a hardworks but i awsome and prince of loves coz i finishes of it.

"Sunet of loves"

Oh whats a good months in loves you thinks?
Febuary a seasons of rose and heart.
Im clikcs on internets many links
coz im not wants us a part.

Todays a months im gives you a flower
coz beautyful girls is full me on joys.
Can us always hugs and kissed together
coz prince arthur the awsome boys.

A sunsets of peace we go we go
the lifes and loves is embrace a sun
like deepest thinkers im know im know
youre loves is gived me a fun.

Febuary is months of loves of you
Febuary is months of loves of me...


ka silyas said...

madapakinsyet! this is a seasoning of loves is it!

jeck said...

happee valentime's day!
pucha, nahilo ako sa sonnet mo. lolz!

greenpinoy said...

is love of you and is love of me!!!

Anonymous said...

galing. haha.

magkarhyme ang sonnet :))

MODMOD said...


Urban Princess said...

bow. palakpakan!!! :) galing mo talaga! nawindang ako nun ah... hehehe