Friday, May 23, 2008

I back on hongkong!!!

Hello to all the fan and readers to these blog!

I just come backed of hongkong coz of a seminars this are prooves in awsome inteligents ability of work!and im said takes that michele and jomar!stupid workmate!lolz!

in hongkong im watches the ironman movies!is a best movies ever!!!!!lolz!
im favorite is ironman on the movie coz we is so much much a likes!
first is we both a hansome guys and playboy type!i thinks im growed a mustach coz
im looks a hansomer guys!lolz!we is both a genuis to!only diferent are i not a rich guys coz thats an unfairnes of life if a hansome awsome guys is a rich guys liked me!
is maked me wanders coz im wanted design the own armor suits and becomes ironprincearthur!lolz!and a lovely asistant name is pb pots!lolz!

tomorow im goes in a mall and buys a ironmans action figures!is a best movie ever!!!!if you not watched it is time to watched it!


Anonymous said...

are you stupid or you're just acting it all up?

prince arthur said...

im not stupid peraps your a stupid!lolz!
im good actors too!lolz!

ehmrenn said...


prince arthur said...

lolz!im rock and rolls!lolz!

Anonymous said...


Randy P. Valiente said...

hitad ka arthur! nagkakalat ka ng lagim bwahahahahah!!!! ang lupet mo!!!

Urban Princess said...

pambihira ka... :) idols you!! ;) you raks!

Urban Princess said...

napa bow mo ako ng sobra, napa tumbling tuloy ako... :) keeps it up yo! :)