Sunday, July 20, 2008

A open letters on May and Rafy!

Your a patethics!Your the jealous coz i a sucess and you nots a sucess!

First is your reqeust in transfered coz you is claims that i not good supervisor? you asshole!
i a super supervisor!you saids a bad thing on me in my back?you makes a fools on me in my back?
your patethics!

who is go on leaderships abroads?who is go on hongkong?who is spents one months in trainings?is you?
no!is me!

rafy your stupids!your do nothing and reads a law books!your thinks your be a lawyers?stupids!your not a lawyers!
may your even stupids!all you is stupids stupids person!your not even knows the search a googles!lolz!

and i the bad boss?i not talk condensatedly on you and your says i not the good boss?
and is insult to me my talks?shut ups you twos!

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